Biosecurity norms you need to take in account to go to the Lost City

Normas de bioseguridad para ingresar a Ciudad Perdida blog

A lot of tourists ask if during this new normal life, the tour to the Lost City is available, if there´re restrictions or if they should meet requirements to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. For that, we created this blog, for sharing with you the information about the biosecurity norms to go to the Lost City of the Tayronas.


Everything you need to know about the biosecurity norms to go to Ciudad Perdida

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre las normas de bioseguiridad para ir a Ciudad Perdida. expotur


Should I do myself the COVID test if I want to go to the Lost City?

Among the biosecurity norms for the entry to the Lost City, this is the most important, due to it was a request from the indigenous communities as a way to protect and avoid the spread on the communities mentioned.

The testing should be performed no more than 72 hours in advance.


How many people can get into the Lost City daily?

The capacity of the trail is 60 people per day.


How many people could go with the same guide?

The group have maximum 8 people per guide.


¿Do I need to use a mask for the trekking in the Lost City?

Debo usar tapabocas para ir a Ciudad Perdida. Expotur

The mask needs to be used at the office, on the cars, in the camps and other shared places. However, during the trekking its use it´s not a requirement due to the level of hike´s exigency and to facilitate the breathing of the adventurous.


Do we need to keep social distancing?

Yes. The tourists should keep 2 meters’ distance between them and 4 meters among groups.


To go to the Lost City, does it take control of the traveler’s temperatures?

Yes. The temperature reading is done once you get into the office and in the camps in the mornings and during the night each day.


Normas de bioseguridad en los campamentos de Ciudad Perdida. Expotur


Are there disinfection points in the camps?

Yes. The camps and restaurants on the path to go to Teyuna (The Lost City in Santa Marta) they have alcohol, washing hands points and footwear disinfection points.


Should I take my Id card or Passport and vaccination certificate to the Lost City?

No, none of them are required. This information has been previously requested at the office and given to the tour guide on a control form.

It’s important to mention that all of services providers of the trail were trained in biosecurity protocols. From the office staff, guides, cooks, translators, drivers, restaurants and camps staff, muleteers, and others.

En los campamentos de Ciudad Perdida hay puntos de desinfección. expotur

¡If you would like to receive more information or you have another concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will tell you what you need to know for a peaceful trip!

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