Guaviare, a destination to discover

Guaviare is a place full of beautiful landscapes that you should know. This department is part of the “Tourism and Peace destinations” that the Colombian government wants to position as the country’s tourist attraction.


Guaviare’s climate

Its climate is almost always humid; although during the months of December to February it is a bit drier and during April, July and October it has its rainy season. Its usual temperature is from 25 to 30 degrees in the day, at night it reaches 12 degrees.


What to do in Guaviare?

Here we present the top 5 places you should know if you go to Guaviare:


The Serranía de La Lindosa

a serrania o mesa de la lindosa guaviare

You can appreciate various rock formations in this place. The most visited place in this mountain range is the Stone City, a perfect area for ecotourism, hiking and adventure tourism.


The Nukak National Natural Reserve

Reserva Nacional Natural Nukak Guaviare
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It is a protected area of ​​the Colombian Amazon. This area is crossed from north to south by a set of plateaus and low hills called tepuyes.

The Nukak Reserve has a great wealth of ecosystems with numerous species of restricted habitat and it is ancestral territory of different indigenous groups, such as the Nukak, Puinave and Curripaco.


The Sierra de Chiribiquete

La Sierra de Chiribiquete guaviare
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Is a rocky area formed by: the Sierra Naquén and the Serranía de la Macarena, which are part of the most important mountain systems of the Amazon.


The Orion Gate

puerta de orion guaviare
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Just 20 minutes from the center of San José del Guaviare (capital of Guaviare province), you will find a huge stone 12 meters high and 15 meters at its semicircular base. This stone resembles a window through which, at certain times of the year, the Orion constellation is appreciated.


The Rainbow waterfall

cascada del arcoiris guaviare
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It is located 15 km from San José del Guaviare, on the road to Villavicencio, on a 25 to 30 minute journey.

Its fall of crystalline water next to the reflection of the sun, offers a great spectacle of colors for those who cross the area. You will find ecological trails and beautiful vegetation on the way to the waterfall.


What to eat in Guaviare?

pescado moquiao guaviare
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The typical dish of Guaviare is Pescado moquiao (or smoked fish) and casabe (an arepa made from cassava).

You will also find sweets made with green mango, cashew, rice and cara carabs.


Where to stay in Guaviare?

Visitors can find some comfortable and simple hostels, with private bathroom, TV, air conditioning, WiFi and even restaurant service. However, for being a little visited area, it has few hotels. So we recommend making a reservation before going.

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