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Tips for traveling after coronavirus lockdown

Tips para viajar después del coronavirus

After a long time, there is good news related to the possible end of the pandemic, and it is the coronavirus vaccine that has given positive results. We are confident that this will happen soon and that we will be able to resume our activities prior to the pandemic. Therefore, it is that many adventurous souls are wondering what it will be like to travel after COVID-19; That is why we have decided to create this blog with some tips for traveling after the coronavirus, to clarify some doubts and for you to prepare for your next adventure.


7 tips for traveling after coronavirus


Protected travel kit

kit de higiene. traveling after coronavirus

That your hand luggage does not lack the alcohol in gel, the mask or face mask and any other element that you consider necessary in your hygiene kit. Some experts are recommending using alcohol-soaked wipes to clean surfaces in some places or wearing gloves. Remember that if you are only going to wear one pair of gloves, you need to run gel alcohol on them to keep them as clean as possible.


Vaccination Certificate

certificado de vacunación. traveling after coronavirus

It is understandable that after the coronavirus pandemic, the demands for entering other specific countries and tourist destinations will be higher. Depending on the country you’re in or where you’re going to travel, check their official government pages and what is the list of vaccines recommended or required for entry into the territory you want to visit.


Check biosecurity protocols

protocolos de bioseguridad. traveling after coronavirus
Photo taken from

Another of our tips for traveling after the coronavirus, is to check the biosecurity protocols in airlines and lodgings, will be very important to preserve your health like those who travel with you. After COVID-19, airlines and hotels must mainly comply with protocols that ensure the hygiene and safety of their customers.


No Crowded

Cabo San Juan Parque Tayrona. Foto tomada de Flickr
This photo of Tayrona Park in low season is only illustrative.

No over-tourism. This measure implemented by many countries not only protects tourists, they can also receive “a break” from hundreds of tourist destinations that are exploited in high season, due to the influx of visitors. Sometimes causing situations that affect the biodiversity of these places.


With prior reservation

reserva previa. traveling after coronavirus

Due to the controls that are going to be taken in the world and mainly because the crowding of people in specific places will be avoided, it is better that you always book before. With this you not only avoid staying outside of a route or tour that you want to do; but you will not wander in the streets looking for what to do or where to go. Also, the reservation system offers you guarantees and also benefits, in case you have last minute problems.


Better with a legal tourism agency

mejor con una agencia legal. traveling after coronavirus

Like the previous item, contacting an agency offers you guarantees and benefits that possibly when traveling on your own (after the coronavirus) you will not have.

If you want to enter somewhere and book with a certain agency, there is less risk of you being left out of a tour or a visitation list, and if so, you can request a refund.


Beware of waste

ojo con los residuos. traveling after coronavirus

Our last tips for traveling after the coronavirus; but not least, is that once we return to normal; we cannot forget our responsibility as consumers, and how many of the things we have done have seriously damaged the environment.

When you travel do not destroy or pollute the city, the country or the nature of the place you visit. Always deposit waste in its place, preferably in recycling bins as appropriate. If you do not find a trashcan nearby, wait until you find one or until you return to the place of your accommodation.

The planet is sending us clear signals of the damage that we as human beings have caused it at some point. Let us become aware and have a memory of everything that has happened during this pandemic and of all the lives that the coronavirus has taken.

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