Christmas in Minca

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Are you bored of the same Christmas every year?
Dare to live a special Christmas and full of adventure. Connect with nature!


Where is Minca?

Minca is located in the Caribbean, approximately 45 minutes from the city of Santa Marta, on the Sierra Nevada. If you decide to spend Christmas in Minca you will be able to appreciate green mountains, freshwater wells and coffee lands that are unmistakable due to their delicious aroma.


How to get to Minca?

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To spend Christmas in Minca, the first thing you should do is take a bus in the public market of Santa Marta (it is at cra. 11 with 11th street). You can identify the area by large buses with their signs to this destination and because you will see other foreigners. The cost of the ticket per person is $ 10,000 pesos.


How to enjoy Christmas in Minca?

Simple, the spirit of Christmas follows you wherever you go, be willing to enjoy, be and feel like an adventurer and have new experiences with Mother Nature.

There are multiple activities that you can do in this magnificent place… walk through its mountains and forests; listen to the singing of various birds, monkeys, among other animals.


Marinka waterfall

The plan preferred by visitors is the walk to the Marinka Waterfall where you can see the wonderful fall of crystalline water; many dare to jump into the water from the top, others simply take a quiet and refreshing swim at the base of this waterfall. The cost of the entrance to the waterfall is $ 3,000 pesos per person.


Minca Church

You can also walk to the church of Minca, where you can surely attend the masses of Christmas Eve and New Year eve so as not to disconnect from that religious part, if you practice Catholicism.


Visit the coffee farms in Minca

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Another plan to do in Minca is to visit one of the coffee farms. Usually they will show you the coffee extraction process, its transformation and even teach you to taste the product.

There are also workshops on artisanal chocolate. They will show you the cocoa crops that are abundant in this area.

One of the farms that makes these workshops is called Hacienda La Victoria, charges $ 30,000 pesos per person; Take advantage of this experience to have a cup of coffee or freshly harvested chocolate, 100% pure and organic.


Walk the streets of Minca

Another relaxing and fun plan at the same time is to walk the streets of the town of Minca, to know its inhabitants and customs; you can find restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops everywhere.


Stay in Minca and in its comfortable cabins or haciendas

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If you are looking for where to stay to spend Christmas in Minca, on internet you will find several options. Also, upon entering Minca, the same inhabitants will offer you the service.

There are many options whether you are looking for more built and closed cabins or a little more outdoor and handmade cabins; Therefore, the value also varies, there are places from $ 40,000 per night to $ 160,000 pesos, according to your taste or requirements.

What you should know is that there are very reliable, comfortable and beautiful places where you can feel safe and rest on your vacation, whether as a couple, family, with friends or alone.


Important recommendations to spend Christmas in Minca

 -You must be vaccinated against yellow fever.

– Bring repellent and sunscreen.

– Wear comfortable shoes, preferably tennis shoes or boots.

– Wear warm clothes, the weather is cold at night.

– Do not try to travel the mountains alone, look for a tour guide or hire a legal tourism agency that offers the tour to Minca.

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