Christmas and New Year in Lost City, the best of meeting Mother Nature on these dates.


Lost City is one of the most desirable destinations in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta for those travelers who love nature and adventure, and for those who love and preserve the land. Spending Christmas or New Year in Lost City is recharging energy and positive emotions for the new cycle and year that begins.


How to get to Lost City?

Navidad y año nuevo en Ciudad Perdida como llegar

The only option to go to the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is through a legal tourism agency that has permission to enter the Archaeological Park. Search online or ask your friends who have already gone to this tourist destination in Colombia, recommendations or opinions about the agencies.

If you decide to go with Expotur you can be sure that it will be worth it.

If you want to know the itinerary and our options of the tour to Lost City, you can consult it by clicking on the following links:

Lost City Tour 4 days

5 days in Lost City

Lost City Tour 6 days

You will feel the imposing magic of Lost City

Spending Christmas or New Year in Lost City, or any time of the year, is a unique experience. Lost City is one of those places that remain in your mind forever.

In addition to being in direct contact with nature, you can also find some members of the indigenous communities along the way, who can teach you a bit of their customs and rituals for these special dates (sometimes)

Sometimes, when you buy one of the bracelets made by them, they make a prayer in which they ask for your health and protection, while placing it in your hand.


What awaits you on the way to the Lost City?

During the tour, you can enjoy crystal clear rivers, the beautiful sound of birds and the great view of its lush forests. You will go along impressive roads that will lead you to circular terraces typical of Tayrona architecture. When you get to this beautiful and hidden place, you will know that the extensive walk was worth it.


What special activities can I do at Christmas and New Year in Lost City?

Navidad y año nuevo en Ciudad Perdida

If you have decided to go to Lost City for these dates, you can take something or create activities similar to those you would normally do on these dates when you are at home with your family.


Christmas in Lost City

You can bring a small board game to enjoy this night in the company of other travelers and have fun. You can also take your favorite book or someone else is with stories about the Christmas spirit to make you feel at home.


Christmas Eve and New Year in Lost City

Another activity you can do if you decide to spend Christmas or New Year in Lost City, is to agree before dawn to meditate and ask nature to renew your energy, purify your spirit and prepare you for a new year full of positive things.

In case you enjoy more of the night, the moon and the stars, you can do it at this time; just remember not to do it too late or get away from the camp.


New Year’s Eve Ritual in Lost City

Whether you decide to spend Christmas or New Year in Lost City, something that you can not miss in your list of things to do is take a bath in its fresh and majestic waterfalls. Take this opportunity to ask nature and the God of water, as the natives call it, to drag along these waters any negative energy or illness you may have. Without a doubt, if you concentrate and do it in total silence and calm, you can feel renewed.


Keep in mind

Difficulty of the walks

If you are not a lover of sports or hiking, it will be difficult for you to get to this place, since the walks are a minimum of 6 hours a day to reach the lost city.


Clothing and Accessories

In the day, in the middle of the walks, you will feel the heat, so wear fresh clothes and make it easy and quick to dry. For the night you can wear pants and long sleeves to protect you from the cold and mosquitoes.

Carry a light backpack with few things, so you will get less tired.

Take your cameras well charged battery. If you are going to photograph an indigenous person, first ask for his/her approval.


Repellent and sunscreen

It is important that during the day you protect your skin from the sun and also carry enough repellent to avoid mosquito bites. Also, take some medication (authorized by your doctor) for headaches, sore throat, stomach or other minor mishaps that may occur.

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