Lost city trek 6 days tour

An adventure through the thick characteristic tropical humid forest and recharged with an invaluable biological wealth

Lost City Trek 6 Days tour

Santa Marta, Colombia


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Lost City Trek 6 days tour

Lost City Trek 6 Days Tour, in addition to being one of the best options for those who wish to be in contact with nature for more time, this tour is the best option for those who wish to make a slower trek. Either for specific health conditions, for age or because they want a quieter option instead of an intense adventure.



This tour starts in Santa Marta, starting at 9:00 a.m., at which time we leave our main office in 4×4 vehicles to head towards the Mamey. This trip lasts two and a half hours.

In the Mamey we will have lunch and start the trek to the first camp in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This walk will be approximately 4 hours and will require some effort, since most of the journey will be up hill.

In this camp we will have dinner and rest (in beds or hammocks, according to the provision).


On this day you should get up very early for breakfast and start the walk to camp 2.

Along the way we will find beautiful landscapes and we will have the possibility to see some indigenous houses. Also, if we are lucky, we can find Kogui Indigenous along the way.

All this tour through the Buritaca River Valley will take us to camp 2, where we will have dinner and spend the night.


On day 3 of the trek, we will make a tour of approximately 4 and a half hours, through the indigenous trails in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Natural Park. On this day we will also cross the Buritaca River to reach Camp 3 where we will spend the rest of the day and night.


This is one of the most anticipated days for those who make the tour, since it is here where the ascent begins by the 1200 steps to the Lost City of the Tayronas. Being there the guide will give information about the place and everything that is part of it; It will also give some time for you to take good photos of this adventure.

Just remember that you should not enter the houses of the natives or take photos without their prior authorization.

Then you must descend the steps to return to Camp 3, where you will have lunch and then continue the walk to Camp 2.


On this day we must have breakfast at 6:30 a.m., in order to start the walk back to Camp 1 at 07:00 a.m. On this day we will make a stop at a cabin near the Village of the Kogui Indigenous (Mutanshi), for lunch and continue the journey to Camp 1, where we will have dinner and rest that night.


This is our last day of adventure. After having breakfast, we will begin the walk back to the Mamey region. In this place we will have lunch and take the 4×4 vehicles back to Santa Marta. The estimated return time is 5:00 p.m.



Our 4×4 vehicles are ready for the route, they are drove by experienced staff, who is been working for almost 20 years on the trail to the Lost City (Teyuna). This is why we can assure a pleasant, comfortable and safe ride.


Delicious food awaits for you in every single camp side where you will be staying, you will also find: typical dishes as a representative sample of the tasty Colombian gastronomy, tropical and exotic fruits native to the region, snacks, among others. In fact, if you have any food preference, it would not be a problem; our team of cooks will provide you meals that match them.


We will find places where we can spend the night along the way, these are basic lodges that will give us a calm and nice stay; they are also built by local residents. The lodging is equipped with hammocks and beds that will protect you from the weathering; blankets and mosquito nets are included.


we have a very skilled staff, which is certified by public and private entities. Our guides are trained and suitable to develop different activities during the tour taking into account social and environmental responsibility. Their priority is to make your tour to the Lost City to run in a safely and reliance way, being distinguished by providing the best service during the trek.

Travel Insurance – Lost City Trek 6 day tour

Doing the tour with us is to travel safely. Go to know the Lost City of the Tayronas quiet. Our sales advisors will explain everything that the travel insurance includes.

Contribution to the Communities

We work hand by hand with the indigenous and peasant communities. We are committed to support the development of the region through contributions that helps to have a better quality of life for the locals.

Entrance to the Archaeological Park

The Teyuna Archaeological Park is managed by the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History (ICANH); an institution assigned the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Colombia. The entrance fee to the archaeological park is included in the tour.

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