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Complete guide to go to the Lost City Colombia

Guía completa para ir a Ciudad Perdida Colombia. lost city colombia complete guide

There are many majestic places around the world that are worth knowing, one of those is the Lost City that is located in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Colombia. If you are one of those who likes to get in touch with nature or simply like to know new and different destinations, it is time to include Lost City Colombia in your list of “places to know.

In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know to go to the lost city and enjoy that adventure to the fullest.

How to get to the Lost City?

The first thing you must do to go to Ciudad Perdida Colombia, is to select a legal tourism agency with permission to enter the Archaeological Park. Search on internet, check the information on the website and check that the agency’s facilities are real before making any deposit of money. Check opinions of the experience of other users, for example on Tripadvisor, to be sure that you are deciding properly.

After you have chosen the agency, get ready for the day of your adventure.

If you want to know the tour itinerary, click here.

What to take to the Lost City Trek?

The Lost City Trek is quite demanding, with walks of more than three hours, in direct contact with the mountain jungle. Considering that you can go in rainy or sunny weather, the following tips apply for both climatic conditions that we find in Ciudad Perdida Colombia.

Light backpack

As we mentioned earlier, daily walks are long and demanding, often in a climbing position, So if you carry much weight you will make your pace difficult, because you will run out faster.

If you decide to do the lost city tour with Expotur, you do not need to worry about your big suitcases or to pay more in a lodging to be saved as soon as you return from the tour; You can leave that extra luggage, safely and without additional cost in a sector of our offices that we have exclusively destined, So you can make the tour to Ciudad Perdida Santa Marta calm and without unnecessary weight.

sendero a ciudad perdida colombia. lost city trek

Comfortable clothes

We recommend you to wear fast dry clothes, because they are less heavy and in case of rain or the same sweat, the humidity of Ciudad Perdida will not make it difficult for you to dispose of them the next day or keep them in your backpack without getting wet or messing up the rest of your clothes. Remember that it is not necessary to wear so many clothes. Also, in addition to the clothes that you will wear during the day, we recommend you to wear long trousers or lycra and a long sleeves, since the nights tend to be colder.


Depending on the agency you choose to do the Lost City Trek, there will be a day when you pass through a camp that has access to the Buritaca River where you can swin. However, in case of rain the guide will not authorize to swin in the river, since the current is very strong and you would endanger your safety.

ciudad perdida colombia sierra nevada rio buritaca expotur. Buritaca River in the Lost City Colombia


The best option is going to be always the specialized boots for mountain trails or “trekking boots”. In case you do not have special trekking boots, it is best that you wear a good pair of sneakers or training shoes which have no a flat sole, since you could slip and hurt yourself.


Regardless of whether the climate in Ciudad Perdida Santa Marta is more humid, this does not mean that the sun does not appear. In fact, there are areas of the trail that are not covered by trees and the strong sun can hurt your skin. You can also wear a hat or cap, in case you want to protect your face a bit more from the sun’s rays.

Insect repellent

You will be in the jungle, therefore there will be always insects. It is better to protect yourself during walks through the day; and, mainly in the evenings, although the beds have mosquito nets, the time you have for dinner and integrate with your companions of the tour you will be out of bed.

Toiletry kit

It is necessary to bring your towel, soap, shampoo, deodorant and any other element of personal hygiene that you consider necessary or that is your usual use. Yes, calm down, in Ciudad Perdida there are private bathrooms and showers so you can use them when it comes to your needs!


This experience and the landscape of Lost City Colombia, deserves the best memories so you can share them with your family and / or friends. If you do not have an independent camera, your cell phone camera can help you. There are some camps that have electrical outlets so you can charge your devices.

pueblos-indigenas-de-la-sierra-nevada-de-santa-marta. lost city photos

Extra money

In the camps you will find some kinds of shops with snacks, beer, water and cold soda, mainly. Also, in case you require it, you can request the service of a mule to transport or carry your things.

Books or small table games

In the evenings, after dinner, you have free time to get to know yourself a little more with your tourmates, nothing better than a game like UNO to laugh and relax your muscles. On the other hand, we know that sometimes the day can be strenuous and you just want to go to bed and read a bit, in this case your favorite book may be the best option. In Expotur our guides take a part of the night after dinner to tell curious facts about Ciudad Perdida and to talk a little about what they are feeling according their experience.


The camps have power generators; however, there is a stipulated time to turn off the lights. In case you want to go to the bathroom you will need light so as not to get lost or stumble on the road.

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Frequently asked questions about Ciudad Perdida Colombia!

When we are going to take a trip to an unknown place many doubts arise, that is why in Expotur we have a list of frequently asked questions that tourists ask themselves before going to Ciudad Perdida. Here you will find everything you need to know before embarking on your adventure to the Lost City Colombia.

If you decide to make the tour to Ciudad Perdida with Expotur we want you to know that the price you pay includes:

Travel insurance


From your accommodation in Santa Marta to our office in the historic center of the City. Transportation from the office to the starting point of the tour in the Mamey. Transportation back from Ciudad Perdida to our office or your place of lodging.

transporte a ciudad perdida colombia con expotur

Entrance to the Archaeological Park

Teyuna Archaeological Park is administered by the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History (ICANH), an institution attached to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Colombia.


Depending on the number of days you decide to do the tour, it will include breakfast (from the second day), lunch (every day), dinner (not including the last day, then you will be back in Santa Marta), fruits and snacks during the walks. If you have any food restriction, you must notify it in our office.

ciudad perdida colombia frutas durante las caminatas. snaks in the lost city in santa marta


The accommodation during the tour can be in hammocks or beds, depending on availability. In the camps mosquito nets and blankets are provided every night.


We are the only legal tourism agency that has the entire generation of professional guides.


We have a translator (English language) when the group requires it.

ciudad-perdida-indigenas-tour-expotur-lost-city-santa marta-colombia- lost city

It is worth noting that part of the amount you pay for the tour to Ciudad Perdida Colombia is given as a contribution to the indigenous and peasant communities, for the development of the region.

If you are interested in making the Lost City Colombia Trek you can choose the option that suits your availability:

4 Days Tour || 5 Day Tour || 6 Days Tour

Additional tips to go:

Photos to the natives. Before taking a photo you must ask for their authorization, since it can be disrespectful for them.

Trash. It is necessary to preserve the environment and respect the environment that others inhabit, So any waste that you generate during the walks keep it in your backpack until you find a bin to deposit it correctly. The same if you are in the camps.

Always respect the wildlife and sacred places, remember that it is their habitat and you are being invited to enjoy it.

-In Lost City Colombia there is no mobile signal, therefore your cell phone will be a camera instead. However, you do not have to worry, the guides have walkie talkie radios to keep in touch with the office in Santa Marta.

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