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Taroa Dunes in the Guajira Desert

The perfect place to do Sandboarding in Colombia.

Dunas de Taroa. Desierto de la Guajira. El lugar perfecto para hacer Sandboarding en Colombia. Taroa Dunes Expotur

The Taroa Dunes are a majestic place located in the largest desert of Colombia. Its beautiful golden sand is covered, on one side, by the characteristic vegetation of the area and, on the other side by the Caribbean Sea.


Where are the Taroa Dunes?

These beautiful dunes are located in Punta Gallinas, Guajira, the northernmost point in Colombia and South America.


How to get to the Taroa Dunes?

Cómo llegar a las Dunas de Taroa Expotur

The best way to get to the Taroa Dunes is to book a tour with a legal tourism agency, as this way you avoid endangering your health / life by transporting yourself in vehicles or boats that do not meet the minimum safety requirements.

In Expotur we offer you 2 tours in which you can enjoy this tourist destination and also practice sandboarding:

Punta Gallinas 3 days Tour

Punta Gallinas 4 days Tour

Remember, both tours will depart from Riohacha and we will pass through places such as: Manaure, the largest salt complex in Colombia; Uribia, the indigenous capital of Colombia; Cabo de la Vela, Pilón de Azúcar and the lighthouse; we will also pass through the Wind Park; Bahia Hondita; Punta Gallinas and its lighthouse, Punta Agujas beach; among other destinations.

These tours include transportation, food, lodging, guiding, sandboarding, travel insurance and contribution to the communities.

What should I bring to Taroa Dunes?

Sandboarding en las Dunas de Taroa con Expotur

Our recommendation on what to bring to Taroa Dunes is as follows:


It is important to stay hydrated.


You cannot visit this place without a camera to have memories of your adventure.

Sunglasses, Hats and Sunscreen

It is important to protect yourself from the sun. You will be in the desert, therefore, the temperature is very high.

Comfortable clothing

That allows you to get on and off the Dune easily.


To enjoy the beach.

Sport shoes and sandals

Sandals will be useful for after swimming. That way you won’t get your sneakers wet.


Sandboarding in the Taroa Dunes

If you are in Colombia and you are wondering where can I practice sandboarding, the Taroa Dunes Colombia is the perfect place.

Our agency was a pioneer in this activity. We were the first to acquire sandboards to offer our travelers an even more incredible and unforgettable experience.


How to do Sandboarding?

To practice Sandboarding in Colombia or anywhere in the world, you only need a board and a beautiful Dune or other sloping surface of fine sand.

If you want to read more about sandboarding and what it takes to practice it, you can read this our blog about sandboarding in Colombia.


Are there accommodations near the Dunes?

alojamientos u hospedaje en las Dunas de Taroa Expotur

If you take the Expotur Tour to the Taroa Dunes, you don’t have to worry about lodging, since our tours to Punta Gallinas and Cabo de la Vela include it.

We hope you are encouraged to live one of the most incredible experiences in one of the most beautiful places in the Colombian Caribbean.



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