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Plans to go to Lost City in Colombia

llegar a ciudad perdida en la sierra nevada de Santa Marta Colombia

There are currently three tours or plans to go to Lost City, specifically from the tourism agency you choose to do the tour. The current options are the 4-day lost city tour, the 5-day and the six-day tour. EVERYONE HAS THE SAME PRICE, the only thing that changes is the intensity in the days and obviously the number of days.

Next we will tell you the main difference in the itineraries for the different lost city tours:


4-Day Lost City Tour

plans to go to Lost City. guide giving instructions

This is the one that will demand a lot more, since you will have to do walks of at least 4 hours a day in a faster pace to be able to reach the camps before nightfall; There will even be days when you will walk between 7 and 8 hours with just one stop for lunch.


Lost City Tour 5 days

plans to go to Lost City 
Indigenous Kogui

This tour is less intense than the 4 day option. It can be said that it is the ideal option for those who wish to go hiking, appreciating nature with a little more time, but without neglecting the adventure that involves reaching the camps in the shortest time possible.


Lost City Tour 6 days

plans to go to Lost City indigenous ascent

If you want to be more connected to nature, have more time to rest and enjoy more of the landscapes of Lost City, the 6-day tour is ideal for you. It is also one of the plans to go to Lost City in which the physical requirement is not much, so if you are not fit or if you are someone of advanced age this is the perfect option.


Price of the plans to go to Lost City

As we discussed at the beginning of this blog, all Tours to go to Lost City have the same price. Currently and until the end of 2020, the price to go to Ciudad Perdida is $ 1,150,000 (one million one hundred fifty thousand Colombian pesos), per person.



plans to go to Lost City expoturs guide

– Choose the agency well, research online the opinions of other adventurers.

– In case you choose the 5 or 6 day tour, you can change to the 4 day tour along the way, but you must notify the guide first. (This only if you do the tour with Expotur).

– It is essential to wear comfortable clothes, appropriate shoes, a light backpack, among other recommendations that you can find in our Complete Guide to go to the Lost City.

You can also check our frequently asked questions. These contain a list of the main doubts of tourists to go to Lost City.

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