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10 ways to help the environment

10 formas de ayudar al medio ambiente.

On June 5 of each year the International Day of the Environment is commemorated; not only as a way of thanking for all that it offers us, but as a call of reflection and action in the face of all the events with negative impact that we are experiencing, such as deforestation, intensive agriculture, unprecedented fires, the acceleration of climate change and the most recent COVID-19 pandemic, among others. Due to the above and because we believe that each of us can contribute to improving the current situation, in this blog we show you 10 ways to help the environment.


10 ways to help the environment.


Plant a tree

sembrar árbol. ways to help the environment

Trees are one of the best strategies to reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, since they capture CO2 and release oxygen, thus improving air quality. Trees have various benefits, not only for the environment, but they benefit human beings, since they minimize the risks of floods, prevent soil erosion, capture and recharge water sources, among others.


Recycle paper

reciclar papel. ways to help the environment

Recycling paper is another way to help the environment, through this activity up to 70% energy is saved, approximately 80% water, greenhouse gas emissions are avoided, it is decreased the amount of waste that goes to the sanitary landfill in your locality and one of the main ones is that cutting down trees for the production of “new” paper is avoided.

Our recommendation is that if not necessary, use digital documents. If you use paper, it should be on both sides.


Recycle glass and plastic

reciclar vidrio. ways to help the environment

Recycling in general is one of the best ways to help the environment.

It is important that you investigate which waste is usable in your country as these elements may vary.

However, glass, plastic, cans, paper and carton are among the most common usable solid waste in the world. The recycling of these always save energy, water, reduce the emission of harmful gases, among other things that involves the creation of new materials.


Don’t waste water

no mal gastar agua. ways to help the environment

Currently, many parts of the world are facing severe droughts that are triggering other problems such as the death of people and animals from dehydration, famine, forest fires and the significant extent of these, among others.

Our main recommendations for saving water are:

  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth or wash the dishes.
  • Take showers of maximum 5 minutes.
  • Water your plants at night.
  • Wash clothes in the maximum capacity of the washing machine.
  • Reuse the water from the washing machine to discharge into the bathroom or wash the house.
  • Fix drip taps.


Use bicycle or public transport

usa la bibicleta. ways to help the environment

One of the main benefits of this option is that, through using these, carbon dioxide emissions are avoided or decreased. Likewise, if you decide to walk or use the bicycle more, you also help your body to exercise and maintain a good health.


Use non-disposable items

Utiliza artículos no desechables. ways to help the environment

Disposable items are one of the elements that pollute the environment the most. Many of these are not recyclable and end up in the oceans or other habitats, causing the death of hundreds of animals and the contamination of water, among other causes.

Say no to Styrofoam or polystyrene, cigarettes or straws, to single-use plastic elements and all those elements that cannot be reused or recycled.


Save electricity

Ahorra energía eléctrica. ways to help the environment

Saving energy is easy and you can do it in your home or workplace. Disconnect electronic devices that you are not using; turn off lights when leaving rooms; dry your clothes in the sun, if possible; keep electrical appliances clean so they consume less energy; wash and iron as many clothes as possible the same day, to avoid constantly connecting these appliances.

Also look for renewable energy solutions.


Avoid emissions of polluting gases

Evita las emisiones de gases contaminantes. ways to help the environment

Although this may be thought to be more for large factories, it is important to reflect on what each can do.

For example, to reduce the emission of polluting gases, we can use the car less to go to work and instead use public transport, cycling or walking. Likewise, you can avoid the use of aerosols, try to use renewable energy, buy food with a low carbon footprint, plant trees and be a sustainable consumer.


Protects animals

Protege a los animales. ways to help the environment

Each animal plays an important role on the planet, but the different activities carried out by man are compromising the biodiversity of the territories. On the other hand, selfishness, greed and hunger for power are putting thousands of species in danger of extinction, without counting those that have already become extinct.

Get involved in animal protection activities; report illegal activities that you observe to the competent authorities; avoids deforestation of forests; avoid contaminating natural resources and take care or report if others try to do so; participates in ecosystem restoration projects; Say NO TO ANIMAL ABUSE; and, practice the other points that were discussed in this blog.


Put the trash in place

Deposita la basura en su lugar. ways to help the environment

This is one of the least accomplished ways to help the environment. The problem of not throwing the garbage in its place, is that this waste ends up in the seas, triggering a series of consequences such as pollution, the death of various species of fauna and flora, obstruction of drains, which brings with it floods in the cities in rainy seasons, among others.

Remember that all our actions are linked and have a severe impact, not only for plants and animals, but also for the lives of human beings. It is in your hands to decide if the impact that you are going to generate will be positive or negative.


What are the ways to help the environment?

Here are the 10 ways to help the environment you can start implementing today:

  1. Plant a tree.
  2. Use paper on both sides.
  3. Recycle plastic, paper, and glass.
  4. Do not waste water.
  5. Use a bicycle or public transport.
  6. Use non-disposable items.
  7. Save electricity.
  8. Avoid the emission of polluting gases.
  9. Protect animals.
  10. Deposit trash in its place.

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