Located in Isla Barú, jurisdiction of the Corales del Rosario National Natural Park, Isla Cholón has become the meeting point for young travelers to live all kinds of adventures and over all the island rumba that has become so fashionable.

A few meters from it has the largest coral reef in Colombia, which allows all kinds of nautical sports activities to be carried out.


How to get to Isla Cholón?

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The first thing is to go to Cartagena, Bolívar; There you must take a yacht or boat in its seaport to Barú, making the clarification that you want to be left in the area of Isla Cholón. The journey takes 45 minutes to 1 hour, which will seem like little time to admire the scenic beauty that has its way.


You will have 2 options to travel by sea to Cholón:

In shared private boat

It costs $ 60,000 pesos per person and additionally you must pay a tax at the Cartagena dock in the amount of $ 15,000 pesos. They leave every morning from 8:30 a.m.


Public boat

It costs $ 40,000 pesos per person and you must pay the $ 15,000 tax at the La Bodeguita pier (in Cartagena).


Young travelers prefer Cholón Island

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Photo taken from www.bachelorpartiescolombia.com

This island has become fashionable not only in Cartagena but throughout Colombia. The comments about it are excellent, it is said to be the ideal place to rest during the day and to roam at night. That is why young people have chosen it to be the epicenter of the party in the Caribbean.


Plan to Isla Cholón

The most famous plan is to hire private yachts with friends or family, and go roaming (partying) on the way to the island; once there the idea is to continue the party on the beach with delicious cocktails and typical dishes that will be waiting for you. Besides that, you can dance until dawn.


Sunrise on Isla Cholón

The sunrise on Isla Cholón is wonderful. The sun rises accompanied by a beautiful range of pink, yellow and orange colors. Also, wake up in a hammock with the sound of singing birds of the island and the waves of the sea, who would not like that plan?


 Cost of the private yacht to go to Isla Cholón

A yacht of these costs $ 2,000,000 million pesos, has capacity for 10 people. They usually leave at 8:30 a.m. and they return you to Cartagena at 3:00 p.m. unless you have a reservation at one of the hostels in Isla Cholón for the night.


Nautical activities in Isla Cholón

Apart from diving and snorkeling, which are the activities most desired by travelers, in Cholón they have the service of jet skis, a fun activity that will allow you to know the whole island, the sea or islands that are nearby. The cost of these jet skis ranges from $ 200,000 thousand pesos in 15 minutes to $ 400,000 thousand pesos in 40 minutes; it can go up to two people.


Important information

Isla Cholón was declared a protected area, since several ecosystems belonging to it such as mangroves, corals and sea grasses are at risk.

– The return from the island to Cartagena will always be in the afternoon, because the return takes approximately 1 hour and it is not advisable to do so when the sun goes down.

– Every day there is a check on the entry of people to the island, approximately 100 to 120 people, in order to take care of it and preserve it.

– It is advisable to have the yellow fever vaccine before going to visit Isla Cholón.

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The cover photo was takem from www.bachelorpartiescolombia.com