Can you imagine being on the beach, feeling the cool breeze on your face, the cold water on your feet, the radiant sun, the sound of waves and birds and the landscape? Did you want to go to the beach? … Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we still cannot leave our homes to visit those places that we enjoy the most; That is why in this blog, we will show you the beaches in Tayrona Park preferred by tourists, so that after the pandemic you make plans to go and visit them.


Top 3 beaches in Tayrona Park that you should visit:


Cabo San Juan

Cabo San Juan Parque Tayrona Santa Marta Colombia

It is one of the preferred beaches. It has the largest and most complete restaurants within Tayrona Park. On this beach you will find a camping area, hammocks and cabins. In Cabo San Juan del Guía you will be able to rest, do snorkel and meet new people.

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Cristal Beach

lancha en playa cristal

It is another of the beaches in the Tayrona Park preferred by tourists, thanks to its crystalline water, its white sand and the tranquility that you will find in it; This has earned the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice 2019. As in Cabo San Juan, on this this beach you can also practice snorkel (remember to bring your equipment).

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Bahía Concha

bahia concha

This beach is in a process of recovery so only 2,000 people per day are allowed to enter; that is why, if you want to know it or visit it, you must go early, since after the income limit, the beach is closed. Like the others, it is a very beautiful beach where you can practice snorkel, camping and relax.

Do you want to know everything you need to go to Bahía Concha? Enter the following blog.

Plans to visit the Beaches in Tayrona Park

If you want to know these beautiful beaches, you have the option of doing it on your own or hiring an agency. If you decide to do it with Expotur, here we share the options:

Tour to Cabo San Juan

Go to Cristal Beach in Tayrona Park

Tayrona Bahia Concha Park Tour

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