Lost City Trek 5 days tour

Tour Ciudad Perdida 5 days is ideal for travelers who love mountain trekking and want to enjoy the hikes with a little less intensity than the 4 day option. It offers moments of relaxation and fun in the refreshing waters of the natural pools and waterfalls that we will find along the route to Teyuna.

Tour Ciudad Perdida 5 days is an option for those who are looking for adventure and nature and have enough time to enjoy them.

Tour price 2,150.000 COP

You can book with just 30 USD

Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only.

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The official departure of the tour takes place at 9:00 a.m., from our main office located in the city of Santa Marta to MAMEY. This whole trip takes about two and a half hours and is done in one of our 4 × 4 trucks.
In the Mamey region, a delicious lunch typical of the region will be waiting for us. After lunch we will have some minutes to prepare for the start of the walk.

This walk, through the beautiful path enabled for tourists, has an approximate duration of 4 hours (6.8 km, walk up, little down). At the end of the afternoon we will have reached the first camp where we can clean, eat and rest for the next day of the Lost City Tour 5 days.


Day 2 of our Lost City Tour 5 days begins with a delicious breakfast that contains all the necessary nutrients to strengthen our body for the demands of the tour. On this day of the tour we will walk approximately 7 hours (14.7 km, hike up, little down), through the Buritaca River Valley, a completely wonderful path where we will find a village of the Kogui indigenous people, who inhabit the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

In case you find an indigenous person on the road and want to take a picture, remember that you must first request their authorization, doing it is considered disrespectful.

All this tour through the beautiful jungle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, will take us to camp 3, where we can also eat, clean and rest in the beds or hammocks that are available.


This tour day starts very early. After having breakfast, we will begin to climb the 1,200 steps to the Lost City. This road was built by the Tayronas (first inhabitants of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta)

When we finished climbing the steps, we find the archaeological wonder of Lost City. At this point the guide gives information about the place, the history, its relics and a bit of the ancestral culture. Here we will be long enough for you to rest and take photos (Under the guidance of the guide). In this place, as well as in other specific points of the Lost City Tour 5 days we will offer some snaks or fruits.

After this incredible experience, we will return to Camp 3 where we will have lunch and take the road back to Camp 2, where we will spend the night. This return hike will last approximately 4 hours (6 km, more ups than downs).


On our fourth day of our adventure, we will have breakfast and begin a journey of about 5 hours | 8 KM, along the same trail and then make a detour that will take us to 3 impressive waterfalls called cascadas de Pablo, cascadas del abanico and cascadas de la negra, where we can take a refreshing swim and connect with nature, finally we will arrive to our accommodation to rest, this route will be mostly flat with few downhills.

FARM – EL MAMEY (End point of the tour)

We will enjoy a delicious breakfast listening to the sound of the waterfalls, for this day we will walk for about 4 hours | 6 KM through a natural path crossing rivers of crystal clear waters, until finally arriving at MAMEY, the place where it all began, we will enjoy a delicious lunch and then be transported to the city of Santa Marta.



Our 4×4 vehicles are ready for the route, they are drove by experienced staff, who is been working for almost 20 years on the trail to the Lost City (Teyuna). This is why we can assure a pleasant, comfortable and safe ride.


Delicious food awaits for you in every single camp side where you will be staying, you will also find: typical dishes as a representative sample of the tasty Colombian gastronomy, tropical and exotic fruits native to the region, snacks, among others. In fact, if you have any food preference, it would not be a problem; our team of cooks will provide you meals that match them.


We will find places where we can spend the night along the way, these are basic lodges that will give us a calm and nice stay; they are also built by local residents. The lodging is equipped with hammocks and beds that will protect you from the weathering; blankets and mosquito nets are included.


We have a very skilled staff, which is certified by public and private entities. Our guides are trained and suitable to develop different activities during the tour taking into account social and environmental responsibility. Their priority is to make your tour to the Lost City to run in a safely and reliance way, being distinguished by providing the best service during the trek.a.

Travel Insurance

Doing the tour with us is to travel safely. Go to know the Lost City of the Tayronas quiet. Our sales advisors will explain everything that the travel insurance includes.

Contribution to the Communities

We work hand by hand with the indigenous and peasant communities. We are committed to support the development of the region through contributions that helps to have a better quality of life for the locals.

Entrance to the Archaeological Park

The Teyuna Archaeological Park is managed by the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History (ICANH); an institution assigned the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Colombia. The entrance fee to the archaeological park is included in the tour.


  • Choose the tour whose duration and intensity suits your availability of time and fitness.
  • To make the trek you must wear the appropriate footwear, trekking boots or rustic sole, tennis shoes, since the road conditions are adverse.
  • Carry only what is necessary, since you must carry your own luggage. It is necessary that you carry a bottle of at least 1.5 liters of water for the first day’s walk. In the camps you can recharge it, free of charge, with potable water.
  • Stay hydrated, drink water moderately and avoid talking too much while walking.
  • During the walks you should stay with your group.
  • Avoid walking away or leaving the trails.
  • Protect your skin from the sun by applying sunscreen or wearing items such as hats or caps.
  • Do not carry plastic and properly handle your waste.
  • Leave everything you find in place and respect the wildlife and local customs.
  • Do not take photos of the indigenous people without their authorization or enter their huts.
  • Observe the instructions in the guideline.


Traveler Responsibilities

One of the most important things you must be aware of is that you have to respect the indigenous and farmer’s privacy, it means, not trespassing their houses, taking any pictures of them, or taking their belongings without their permission.

With respect to your own belongings, try to pack light, as less as you pack you will have a better experience.

You need to be conscious of having a good health.

Since you are visiting an archeological destination, you must take care of everything you find along the way. Do not harm any natural or cultural property.

Think of this tour as an opportunity to connect yourself with the nature because there is no signal for mobile phones, you need to tell both your family and friends that you will be out of reach for period of four or five days.

Clothing and Equipment

The weather you can expect is hot and humid, that’s why it is really important to take with you comfortable clothes, that is: t-shirts and shorts for walking; on the other hand, temperature tends to go down at night, in this case we recommend you to bring a change of long pants and long sleeves shirts, they will help you to be protected against mosquitoes and also from the cold.

Do not forget to take a water bottle (1 ½ liter is enough) once you get to the camps you can refill with filtered water or just buy a new bottle, insect repellent, sunscreen, comfortable clothes, walking shoes or trekking boots, swimsuit, 2 plastic bags( to separate wet and dry clothes) and last but not least, a camera.

You will not find toiletries at the camps, so those are important items (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, and deodorant, among others).

Even though our tour guides have preparation in first aid, they are not allowed to give you any medicine, you need to bring it with you.

The camp sites are equipped with hammocks and beds, they also provide blankets and mosquito nets. Taking a sleeping bag is optional.


You must show your original passport (foreigners) and ID (Colombians) in our Expotur offices in order to book your tour. Taking a photocopy on the tour is enough. We do not recommend to take the original document just to avoid they get lost or damaged on the tour.


Having the yellow fever vaccination is a preventive measure since you are going to visit a tropical forest.


Payment methods

You must pay a deposit to complete your booking, you can do it through Paypal or PayU. You can find the links in our official web sites.

In case you want to pay in cash, it is possible to do it in our sale offices, our staff is willing to help you. We also accept payments by any Visa or MasterCard debit/credit cards.

Payment policies

As we mentioned above, you must pay a deposit, which corresponds to a 15% of the total tour. The balance can be paid on the day of the tour. We recommend to do it at least one day in advance though, so the departure can be faster.

Cancellation policies – Right to retrace

You can cancel or postpone your tour, once it is confirmed, however there are some terms you must take into account: any cancellation or changes made at least the day before in working hours (until 6:00 PM local time) will have no penalty. On the other hand, changes made after this range of time, will cost a 20% of the total amount of the tour.


You have no right to reimbursements once the tour has started, neither is applicable a reimbursement due to services that the traveler do not take.


$ 2.150.000 COP/PP.
The Lost City Trek leaves every day from the main Expotur office in Santa Marta.*

*All rates are in Colombian Pesos.


what to bring?

  • Small o medium backpack
  • Personal medication
  • Trekking boots or walking shoes
  • Sleeping bag (optional) we offer blankets
  • Two plastic bags
  • Shorts and t-shirts
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Four pairs of socks
  • Toiletries
  • Long sleeve shirt and trousers
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Big bottle of water for the firts day
  • Camera
  • Flashlight


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