Bahia Concha: How to get there, what to do and tips to go

Stunning! This is how many tourists describe Bahía Concha, a beautiful beach located in Tayrona Park. The entrance to this beach was charged some time ago, but since June of this year, modifications have been made in order to improve the experience of tourists. In this blog we will tell you how to get there, what to do and tips to go to Bahía Concha.


How to get to Bahía Concha?

It does not matter if you decide to go with an agency, a private car or in a Chiva (typical truck); you must continue walking from the entrance of Bahía Concha through the authorized and signposted path to the beach. The above is due to the process of restoration and recovery of the environment in this area. Remember that if you hire an agency to go to Bahía Concha, you must verify that the guide is duly certified as it is specified by Colombian regulations.


Admission to the beach

As mentioned above, the entrance is not charged since June of 2019**; however, it is necessary to take into account that access will be subject to capacity. Currently it is stipulated that the maximum number of visitors allowed is 2,000 (two thousand) people per day. Once this number of people is reached, the entrance to Bahía Concha will be closed.

** Subject to changes and decisions that National Natural Parks of Colombia may take to ensure the preservation of this protected area.

Obligatory insurance

Although you no longer have to pay to enter Bahía Concha, it is necessary that you acquire an Accident and Rescue Policy or Insurance as a mandatory requirement, as it is a national requirement to enter protected areas in the country.

There are some agencies that already include this fee in the total price of the tour. Ask for it before paying.

“It is important to reiterate that the requirement of the insurance policy of accidents and rescue do not compromise the responsibility of Natural National Parks of Colombia in the acquisition and execution of the insurance contract”. Read the following link for more information: Accident and Rescue Policy in National Parks

bahia concha

What to do in Bahía Concha?

This beach is an opportunity to relax, enjoy the sea, swim and have fun with your family or friends. Also, the conditions of this beach allow you to practice skimming, take your snorkeling equipment. Remember that you should not remove the species from their habitat. YOU ARE A GUEST, DO NOT HURT ECOSYSTEMS.


Tips to go to Bahía Concha


Bring sunscreen

Remember that you go to the beach and that besides that, from the entrance of Bahía Concha to the beach, you must walk a bit on a path that has no shade.


Caps, hats and / or sunglasses

They will help you protect yourself a little more from the sun’s rays.


Comfortable shoes and sandals

Both are necessary. Even though you will not walk a lot, sometimes it is difficult to walk with sandals, since you can slip and fall.



Due to constant exposure to the sun, it is necessary to stay hydrated.


Do not carry plastic bags, cigarettes and / or Styrofoam

The entry of this type of elements is prohibited. Circular No. 20181000000044 of December 31, 2018 of PNNC


The entry of animals, seeds, propagules or flowers of any kind is not allowed.

This is due to the fragility of the ecosystems and the recovery process in which Bahía Concha is.


Respect the fauna and flora found in the place.


Do not throw garbage in Bahia Concha

Deposit it in the appropriate containers or store it in your bag pack for the return, thus preventing the breeze from taking it out of the cans and carrying them to the sea.

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