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We are a local tour operator in the Colombian Caribbean dedicated to provide meaningful travel experiences in natural areas of the city of Santa Marta and the Colombian Caribbean region. We work closely with indigenous and rural communities through sustainable community tourism, generating decent and well paid, respecting the environment and customs of the locals.

Expotur was founded in 2003 with local human capital in order to provide travel experiences that focus on the human quality and welfare of all those involved in tourism related activities throughout the Colombian Caribbean Region. With the passing of the years, we grew to constitute ourselves as one of the authorized operators tour to the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, with the best reputation thanks to the professionalism we profess, where we care about every detail of the whole operation up to the absolute satisfaction of our travelers.

Our Local Tour Operator, is part of Corpoteyuna, a corporation that looks after the welfare of farmers and indigenous communities living in the area where the tour to the Lost City of the Tayrona develops. The corporation tucks their efforts to preserve indigenous and rural culture, and the environment inhabited by those in the Caribbean Region of Colombia.

You can see more information about us in the description of the tours that we offer



We are a travel agency and local tour operator committed to provide unique travel experiences where nature and adventure come together in the variety of the Colombian Caribbean destinations to create memorable moments. We have a team of highly trained staff, and we work closely with indigenous and rural communities by generating jobs, social development, preserving the environment and local cultures.


By 2020, we want to be recognized nationally and internationally as a leading company provider of integrated travel services to the Colombian Caribbean Region with a wide portfolio of services aimed at adventure and nature tourism, with strategic business alliances globally.


In Expotur, we are interested in the welfare of indigenous communities and inhabitants of the region where we operate our tours. That is why our raison d’être as a company it is established to contribute to the improvement of communities and their environment developing sustainable tourism projects that benefit the quality of life of people; creating jobs, developing and caring for environmental reserves.



Dennis Higuita
Professional Guide​

Her empirical and academic knowledge allows her to provide relevant and interesting information about the history of the lost city and the nature that surrounds it. She is characterized by her enthusiasm and by keeping the tourist’s spirits up.

Sixto Ramirez
Professional Guide​

He lived most of his life in El Mamey (starting point of the tour), so he knows the area very well the trek. His has particular fondness for birds, so he provides interesting facts about different species. His academic training and experience allows him to provide valuable cultural and historical information about the Lost City.

Daniel Suarez Valdez
Professional Guide​

He is a guide with extensive experience in the lost city tour. Daniel is originally from and lives in El Mamey (starting point of the tour). He is characterized by being dedicated, enthusiastic with groups of travelers and attentive to their concerns.

Levi Lara Luque
Professional Guide​

He is a connoisseur guide of indigenous culture and history of the Lost City. As a result of the studies he has done, his skills have expanded considerably. He is characterized by its kindliness with the travelers and attention that he pays to their requirements.

Ariel Gallego
Professional Guide​

Ariel lives in the area to the Lost City, which makes him good knowledge of the zone. He performs simultaneous rural activities with the guidance of the Lost City treks. His academic background allows him to provide accurate information regarding the culture of the ancient inhabitants of the Lost City (indigenous Tayrona).

Antonio Higuita Herazo
Professional Guide​

He is an enthusiastic and cheerful guide. His studies and experience as a guide facilitate him to provide detailed information of the indigenous culture and history surrounding the Lost City. Those who have traveled with him qualify him as an attentive and helpful guide.

Enrique Guerrero
Professional Guide​

He is a dedicated and responsible guide, who is characterized by good treatment and willingness to manage the concerns of travelers. People who have traveled with him have stated that he provides very interesting data about indigenous communities and the characteristics of the area.

Sigilfredo Camacho
Professional Guide​

His experience and education allows him to provide truthful information about the culture of the indigenous people of the area and the history surrounding the Lost City. His travelers describe him as a fun guide and concerned about the welfare of tourists.

César Ramírez Parra
Professional Guide​

He is a very dedicated guide to his groups, his experience in the lost city trail allows him to provide extensive information about nature and the communities. Those who have done the tour with him qualify him as a guide attentive to the concerns and needs of the group.

Gabriel José Aguirre
Professional Guide​

He is a dedicated and responsible guide; like many, he began his guiding work empirically and over the years his knowledge has been enriched by his academic training, which allows him to provide more accurate information about the lost city trail and the communities.

Jorge Lara Perez
Professional Guide​

One of the guides who still lives in the area where the tour takes place, his academic training along with his empirical knowledge allow him to provide extensive information about the nature that we find on the Lost City trail and the indigenous communities that inhabit it.

Diego Gallego
Professional Guide​

He lives in the town where the tour begins (El Mamey), he has extensive knowledge of the trail, the history of the Lost City and the culture of the communities thanks to the fact that he has lived all his life in the area.

César Ramírez Jr
Professional Guide​

Thanks to his empirical knowledge and academic training, he provides tourists with extensive information about the trail, pay special attention to the concerns of the group, and provide them with interesting information about the archaeological site.

Iderle Muñoz
Professional Guide​

She lives in the area near the Lost City trail, the travelers who have made the tour with her describe her as a guide dedicated to her work and always attentive to the safety of the group. Thanks to his academic training, she has expanded the information she provides to visitors.

Jhoan Charris
Professional Guide​

His academic training as a professional guide, along with his knowledge as an inhabitant of the region, make him a guide with valuable information to provide to visitors on the Lost City tour. His enthusiasm helps keep you in good spirits during walks.

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