Beaches in Santa Marta that you cannot miss

Santa Marta is one of the cities with the best beaches in Colombia, suitable for bathing, swimming and with incredible landscapes. In this blog we will give you the top 8 beaches in Santa Marta that you cannot miss.

Playas en Santa Marta que debes visitar. beaches in Santa Marta

8 beaches in Santa Marta that you should visit:


Santa Marta Bay

This is one of the main attractions of the city. On this beach, in addition to bathing, you can take a hike along the boardwalk, go to the Marina, visit the craft shops, eat a typical dish of the region and enjoy the sunset behind the Morro de Santa Marta.



El Rodadero is one of the most visited beaches by tourists in Santa Marta. To have fun in El Rodadero you can do activities during the day (swimming, tanning, kayaking and on the boardwalk of El Rodadero, among others) and activities at night that can be at the edge of the beach or in the bars and discos of the sector.



The landscape and the calm water of this beach, make it another of the beaches in Santa Marta preferred by tourists. As in the previous beaches, here you can eat the delicious typical dishes of the region, tan, or have fun renting floats or doing kayaking.

Pozos colorados

This is one of the beaches in Santa Marta where the number of visits has increased in recent years; however, the number of people on this beach is lower than in the previous ones. Normally visitors who do not go in family plan, but go to practice some water sport.


Playa cristal

Located in the Tayrona Park in Santa Marta, it is one of the beaches in South America preferred by tourists, according to the results of the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice 2019, thanks to its beauty, crystal clear water, white sand and the tranquility that is in it. On this beach you can practice snorkel.


Cabo San Juan

Another of the beaches preferred by tourists who are inside the Tayrona Park. As well as Playa Cristal, it is a quiet place where you can rest and practice snorkeling.


Bahia concha

In this beach located in the Tayrona National Park you can also practice snorkeling, but unlike the previous ones you must take your equipment. This beach is in a recovery process so only 2000 people are allowed per day.



The last on our list, but not the least important. This beach is considered the largest within the Tayrona Park and its central location makes it a strategic place to visit other beaches nearby. In it you can practice diving and snorkeling. The swell of this is a little stronger, so you must be careful.

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