Santa Cruz del Islote is the most densely populated island in the world.

Santa Cruz del Islote is a small island located in the Colombian department of Bolivar, known for being one of the most populated in the world  about  its size. the most densely populated island

With only 1,200 meters in length and 100 meters in width, this island is home to around 1,200 inhabitants who coexist in a small and colorful space.

Life in Santa Cruz del Islote is fascinating. There are no cars or motorcycles on this island, and there is also no space for parking. Inhabitants walk or use small canoes to move from one place to another.

But what makes Santa Cruz del Islote special is the way its community has managed to survive and thrive in such a limited space, and at the same time, be the most populated island in the world.

Despite the challenges, the island’s inhabitants have created a place full of energy and joy, with a rich culture and traditions that are reflected in their music, gastronomy, and colorful homes.

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Get to know more facts about the most populated island in the world.

The most densely populated island in the world has a small school for approximately 100 children, who are taught by 12 teachers. There are a total of 90 homes, two stores, a restaurant, and a hotel.

Electricity in Santa Cruz del Islote is only available for five hours per day, and desalination plants are used to obtain potable water. There is no need for a police presence on the island as everyone knows each other.

Santa Cruz del Islote was built on a coral platform by a group of fishing families, and after 150 years it has grown to a surface area of one hectare.

There are four main streets and 10 neighborhoods.

Santa Cruz del Islote is the most densely populated island in the world per square meter, and to put it into context, it is four times more densely populated than Manhattan.

60% of the population is made up of children, and in 2017, seven babies were born on the island. Nobody died on the island that year.

The island’s cemetery is located on another island across from it, and the residents use the canoes mentioned earlier to travel there.

What does the population of the most densely populated island in the world per square meter do for a living?

Historians and experts of the island point out that most of the inhabitants of Santa Cruz del Islote are dedicated to spearfishing and can catch everything from fish to octopuses and crustaceans.

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However, directly or indirectly, the population, in general, relies on tourism and has a group of young activists and residents in charge of preserving the fauna and flora of their waters.

Santa Cruz del Islote, the most densely populated island in the world, has the warmth of Colombia among its streets and corners.

The most populated island in the world is located in Colombia, and like every corner of this wonderful country, it is warm, human, and easy to love.

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