Punta Gallinas 4 day tour


Punta Gallinas 4 day tour

Ideal for people who enjoy being in contact with nature, appreciating the waves, golden sand, the warm wind and the beautiful landscapes. The meeting with the magic of the desert and its perfect harmony with the sea make Punta Gallinas 4 day tour the perfect occasion to commune with nature.

Come with us to visit the most northern point of South America to have the best view of the Caribbean Sea from the lighthouse at Punta Gallinas.


This fantastic adventure begins at 8:30 am from Riohacha, and then headed for Manaure through a deserted road. In Manaure, Colombia’s largest salt complex, we have a guided tour about the process of extracting salt and then pass by Uribia, indigenous capital of Colombia, we will have a brief overview of the place and then we cross the majestic desert to reach Cabo de la Vela. Here we have lunch and rest to visit later Arco-iris Beach, Pilón de Azúcar and finally the lighthouse where we’ll enjoy a beautiful sunset. We return to the Ranchería to spend the night in hammocks.


On the second day of our adventure we leave about 8:00 am, after breakfast, we take a road surrounded by desert to Punta Gallinas. We pass by the Parque Eólico (Wind Park) to take pictures, we keep going through the deserted way bordering Bahia Honda and Bahía Hondita and finally reach the enigmatic Punta Gallinas approximately at 2:00 pm for lunch. We can spend the afternoon resting at the lodging and enjoying the beauty of the landscape.


Early after breakfast visit the Dunes Taroa. It is in this beautiful scenario of sand, where we will have the opportunity to perform Sandboarding, an activity that consists on descending through the dunes with special boards similar to those used for Snowboarding.
Before gliding through the fine yellow sand of the dune, being at the top, we can have a general view of the entire landscape, look at the immense Caribbean Sea and feel our heart speed up because we are about to live an unprecedented experience.

Then we will go to the lighthouse of Punta Gallinas, the northernmost point of South America, and then the beach of Punta Agujas to take a refreshing swimming on its warm waters and enjoy the beautiful sunset, finally we return to our hostel for spending the third night.


After three days enjoying the charm that surrounds the environment of Cabo de La Vela and Punta Gallinas, we will finally return on the fourth day to Riohacha.

Traveler’s responsability

The responsibilities of the participants to the tour include: the selection of a tour that correspond to their interests and skills, the passenger must determine the destinations and the activities that are appropriate for them; they must determine that they are in optimal health and physical conditions required for the trip they want to take. The participants are responsible for their personal belongings they take to the trip.

It is strictly prohibited to engage in behaviors that interfere with the safety and comfort of all other participants, consumption of hallucinogenic drugs or alcohol in excess is forbidden. The use of male or female escort (prostitution) is not acceptable in an EXPOTUR trip, the use of minors for this type of service is penalized by the law authorities in Colombia and it is enough reason to expulse the participant from the trip.

Clothing tips

Keep in mind that you will visit a desert region where the temperature is considerably high throughout the day, therefore, wear comfortable clothing and proper gear to protect you from the sun.
– Use sunscreen and a hat or cap and take with you a bottle of water.
– Wear comfortable clothes, sports shoes and flip flops, swimwear and beachwear.
– Use mosquito repellent.


It is not absolutely needed to take passports for this tour. A photocopy of your passport will be enough during the tour. Your identification document (photocopy) can be required by the authorities on the way.


It is not necessary to have any particular shoot for this tour. As in any tropical country, we recommend to have the yellow fever vaccination as a prevention since there is no risk of yellow fever in the area.


STANDARD (CHINCHORRO *traditional indigenous hammock).


1,545,000 COP P/P 1,170,000 COP P/P 985,000 COP P/P


870,000 COP P/P 795,000 COP P/P



SLEEPING IN BED IN CABO DE LA VELA: 15.000 COP PER PERSON AND PER NIGHT (subject to previous availability).

SLEEPING IN BED IN PUNTA GALLINAS: 10.000 COP PER PERSON AND PER NIGHT (subject to previous availability).

BOAT RIDE: 45.000 COP PER PERSON (subject to previous availability).


Valid prices until December 31st of 2023


• Roundtrip ground transportation in comfortable 4WD vehicles with air conditioning during the entire tour.
• Will pick you up from your accommodation place on the date of departure and will leave you in the same place when come back.


• Typical meals prepared by locals cooks.
• Three (3) breakfasts, four (4) lunches and three (3) dinners if departs from Riohacha.


• Accommodation in “chinchorros” (hammocks) in the “Rancherias” (small villages, builded by the wayuu).


• We have experts driving guides from the region (Spanish speakers)


At Expotur we always strive to make your experience meaningful, full of emotions, adventure, cultural experiences and direct contact with the exuberant nature of our country.

That is why we are offering the novelty of Sandboarding. As pioneers in this activity, in Punta Gallinas – la Guajira, we believe that this mixture of sea, sand and adrenaline, are the perfect complement to make your experience even more unforgettable in this tour.

During the tour to Punta Gallinas and Cabo de la Vela, we will visit the Taroa Dunes. It is in this beautiful scenario of sand, where we will have the opportunity to perform Sandboarding, an activity that consists on descending through the dunes with special boards similar to those used for Snowboarding.

Travel insurance

During the tour you will have a medical assistance insurance that cover accidents and illness occurred during the tour. It covers transportation from the place of the event to the medical center, medical assistance, hospitalization and surgeries when it is necessary.

Contribution to communities

All our tours include local people as service providers in the area to support the communities through tourism activities. A part of what you pay for the tour, goes to support the local economy for the improvement of the quality of life of the locals.

National or International flights and taxes.

Personal articles.

Laundry service.

Room service.

Tips and gratuities.

Medical expenses not covered by the insurance policy.

Extra meals or expensive dishes as lobster.

Breakfast of the first day if depart from Riohacha.

Beer and alcoholic drinks.

Local, national, or International calls.

Activities not included in the itinerary.

There are not substitutions of days or services due to situations of force majeure, by chance or actions of third parties.


The translator is not included.

Our guides only speak spanish

Payment methods

– Deposits via Paypal or PayU through the active payment modules linked in our official web-sites.
– In cash exclusively in our offices in Santa Marta and Riohacha with our authorized staff.
– In all our offices, we accept payments with credit cards as Visa or MasterCard.

Payment policies

• A 15% deposit of the total of the package is required prior to confirmation of all bookings.
• The remaining balance must be paid at least in the same date of departure, before leaving.

Cancellation policies – Right to retrace

Confirmed bookings will have a cancellation policy in the following terms:
• Cancellations or changes will have a 20% penalty of the total of the package.


• Once the trip has started, the services included in the package that the passenger does not take will not be reimbursed.

Before making a deposit, ask about the availability for your departure’s date to [email protected]

If the availability is confirmed you can proceed to make a deposit through these any payment platforms here, deposits to our Bancolombia account are able only through colombian banks accounts.

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