On your list of things to do in Santa Marta – Colombia – you can not miss going to Taganga. Its beauty has made it one of the most visited beaches by tourists who go to the City. In this blog we will give you some tips to go to Taganga, we will tell you what you can do, how to get to this destination and what you cannot stop trying to go.

Taganga Santa Marta Colombia

How to get to Taganga Santa Marta Colombia

To get to Taganga we suggest two options:

Expensive Option:

Take a taxi. The price of this will vary depending on the place of the city in which you are. Currently, taxis in Santa Marta have a meter, so you can be sure that they are charging the fare. Generally the minimum drive* is $ 10,000 COP.

“Most economic” option:

If you want to save more money and you like to explore and get to know the public transports of the cities you visit you can take a bus. The board in front of the bus should say K11TAGANGA, which are the ones that really arrive near the beach. The value* of these is $ 1,800 COP (Monday to Saturday) and $ 1,850 COP (Sundays and holidays).

* As of the publication date of this blog.

como ir a Taganga Santa Marta

Although it seems obvious, many people wonder what to do in Taganga, in addition to relaxing and taking a refreshing swim in the calm waters of this beach.

At the end, everything will depend on your budget and if you travel alone or accompanied. If you only want to tan, you can stay at the edge of the beach. Remember that:

Although your intention is to tan, you should not expose yourself too much, as it can be harmful to your health!

On the other hand, if you plan to stay all day in Taganga there are good restaurants where you can enjoy a typical lunch of the region. Some of those restaurants have hammocks so you can relax even more; and why not, take a little nap.

In the same way you can rent floats, kayaks or take boat trips. Check your budget and the security of what you are going to purchase.

There will always be vendors walking on the beach offering you snacks or souvenirs to take to your loved ones.

Things you have to try

mango con sal y limon. Blog como ir a Taganga Santa Marta Colombia
If you decide to go to Taganga Colombia or if you are in the Historic Center of Santa Marta, you have to delight your palate with the following coastal delights.

Mango with salt, lemon and pepper. Our mouths water just thinking! This coastal snack is one of the best.

Raspao. Now you will also find the modern version that is the Frappe. However, we recommend that you do not forget to try the Raspao with condensed milk. It’s refreshing and delicious.

Matrimonio. Actually they are buñuelos, made with corn cob and cheese. Extremely delicious.

Tips to go to Taganga Santa Marta Colombia:

-Take sunscreen.

– In case you do not want to expose yourself too much, there are restaurants and trees where you can be located. However, wearing a hat and sunglasses is recommended.

– Depending on who you travel with, you can make your experience even more fun by taking soccer balls or volleyball, or another one that can get wet so you can have fun in the water.

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