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Minca Tour: Go to Minca after Quarantine

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Minca is a naturally special place, perfect to reconnect with yourself, relax and rest. If you want to do this Minca Tour after quarantine, we assure you that it will be a wonderful experience and you will confirm the importance of taking care of the planet.


How to get to Minca?

Cómo llegar a Minca

To go to Minca you have two options. One of these is to go independently; You must arrive at the public market in the city of Santa Marta and from this point your experience will begin. Make sure to be well informed about costs, restaurants and accommodations in case you want to spend the night there.

On the other hand, you can also hire a tour, either to get to a specific point or to go bird watching in Minca.

If you want to do this Minca tour in the following link you will find more information.

These are some of the tours you can take:


Pictures from Minca

Here we share some photos of the minca tour to encourage you to visit it after this COVID-19 pandemic:

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Recommendations to go to Minca

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– Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

– Stay hydrated during walks is important.

– Use sunscreen, wear hats and glasses to protect yourself from the sun.

– Bring insect repellent. Remember that you will be in an area where many mosquitoes and other insects live.

– Personal grooming kit. This kit also includes a medicine approved by your doctor, in case of headaches or other minor ailments.

– Try to go early, most of the tourist spots in Minca are best appreciated during the day. In addition, walking at night is dangerous, since many motorcycles pass on the road.

– Don’t leave Minca without trying a cup of coffee from this incredible place.

– It is better to take cash, since most restaurants and other services in Minca work this way.

– Take only what is necessary. If you carry a heavy backpack and you are not used to hike, you will be tired quickly.


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