The Best Trek to Ciudad Perdida Lost City

In the mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1979, bordering the Caribbean Sea on the north coast of Colombia between 900 and 1,200 m on the upper reaches of the Buritaca river are hidden the ruins of an ancient indigenous town called “Teyuna” (Lost City).

The Lost City was built in 800 AD by the “Tayronas” who inhabited this area long before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors. Lost City has an architecture based on terraces made with an enigmatic disposition and a unique design never seen before in any ancient city in America.

The Trek to Ciudad Perdida gives us the opportunity to go on a terrific journey through the path of the “Tayronas” on an adventure through the thick tropical rainforest and full with invaluable biological wealth; in Lost City Trek Colombia we will know about the customs of the locals and indigenous communities (descendants of the “Tayronas”) who still inhabit the territory. A choice of archaeological tourism in Santa Marta, Colombia, with mountain hiking to explore this pre-Hispanic jewel where harmony and balance with nature practiced and professed by the ancient inhabitants of this land is evident, where today Kogi people maintains its legacy.

Why choose us?


We have comfortable 4WD vehicles suitable for the route and experience drivers who have been working more than 20 years on The Lost City Trek route thereby we guarantee a comfortable, fun and especially safe trip.


At the stations we will spend the nights along the route to the Lost City of the indigenous Tayronas, we will provide food prepared by our cooks with fresh ingredients and typical recipes.


During the Lost City Trek Colombia we will stay at rustic accommodations located along the path, provided by local people who will offer us a comfortable and safe staying in hammocks or bunk beds cover by a waterproof roof. Blankets and mosquito nets are provided.


Our guides are locals with great experience on the route who we have supported, trained and certified to relevant private and public authorities, so they can develop guidance tourist activities in an environmentally and socially responsible way throughout the Lost City Trek Colombia.

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