Trekking en Colombia: Discover the Magical Destinations We Have for You

Thanks to its diverse geography and breathtaking landscapes, the adventures of trekking en Colombia will leave you breathless.

Furthermore, this country is globally recognized for its abundant wildlife and flora, making trekking expeditions full of life and magic.

That’s why in this article, we’ll show you some of the must-visit destinations.

Here are the best trekking en Colombia adventures you can book with us:

Lost City Trek:

The trek to the Lost City in Santa Marta, Colombia, is an unforgettable experience for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

This magical trail immerses you in a fascinating journey through lush tropical jungle, allowing you to uncover the enigmatic history of an ancient civilization.

Firstly, you embark on an exciting ascent through dense forests and rugged mountains.

Exotic flora and fauna surround you as you follow the well-marked path.

You’ll occasionally encounter colorful butterflies and the melodious songs of birds that adorn the landscape.

As you venture deeper into the jungle, the remnants of ancient terraces and stone stairways begin to appear, revealing the presence of an ancestral culture that inhabited these lands centuries ago.

Local guides, well-versed in history and the environment, will unveil the secrets and mysteries surrounding the Lost City.

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Punta Gallina:

When seeking adventures of trekking en Colombia, you can’t miss our tour to Punta Gallina.

This is the perfect experience for those who want to enjoy the desert and its perfect natural harmony with the sea.

Firstly, this adventure takes you on a unique journey through deserts, pristine beaches, and rugged mountains.

It offers an unforgettable experience on the La Guajira Peninsula.

Moreover, you’ll get to relish the magical sunsets typical of the region, providing the perfect opportunity to connect with beautiful nature.

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Cabo de la Vela:

This is one of the best places where you can explore one of the most impressive and beautiful landscapes that Colombia has to offer.

Immerse yourself in a unique environment where the desert merges spectacularly with the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

This fascinating journey, known as the Cabo de la Vela Tour, offers you the opportunity to live an unforgettable trip in communion with the rich culture of the Wayuu indigenous people.

The feeling of peace and serenity you’ll experience in this magical setting will be something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Additionally, you’ll get to traverse impressive sand dunes and dip into the warm waters of the Caribbean, with each moment filled with emotions and unique experiences to share with fellow tourists.

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As you can see, at Expotur, we offer a wide variety of tour packages to enjoy trekking en Colombia.

Contact us and book your adventure now.

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