Is Colombia safe to visit?

“Is Colombia safe to visit?” is one of the questions that the majority of tourists ask themselves before booking their flights to this magical country.

This is because countries like the United States have advised their citizens to reconsider their plans to visit Colombia due to the level of national crime.

However, how true is this? Is Colombia truly a dangerous country? In this article, we will address these concerns and recommend safe destinations you can visit in the country.

Is Colombia safe to visit? Discover the truth behind the question.

Firstly, it’s essential to highlight that Colombia is classified at a level 3 of danger by the U.S. government, meaning it is advisable to reconsider travel.

However, this doesn’t encompass the entire nation but only certain departments and areas. Among these are Antioquia, Popayán, Yopal, Pasto, etc.

Additionally, there are specific areas that are not recommended to visit directly due to high levels of crime, including Arauca, Cauca, and the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

But don’t rush, as this is not a reason for you to miss out on Colombia´s natural and cultural wonders.

After all, there are tourist sites that have only a level 2 of danger.

This means you can visit them without any problem by taking normal security measures and enjoying your stay there without major inconveniences.

The Caribbean region is the main destination among these. Being one of the country’s main attractions, it has received the necessary care to ensure the safety of tourists who decide to explore it.

From the crystal-clear beaches on the islands surrounding Cartagena, through the urban life in Barranquilla, to the cultural adventures in Santa Marta; you can enjoy all these wonders without fearing for your well-being.

That’s why we want to give you three plans you can safely undertake on your next trip.

Keep reading to discover three safe destinations you should visit on your next trip to the Colombian Caribbean:

The Lost City Trek:

The Lost City of the Tayrona is one of the most popular tourist wonders in the country, especially among trekking enthusiasts.

This is an adventure of 4 to 5 days walking through the jungle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta until you reach the remains of the ancient indigenous civilization that once traversed those mythical rock corridors frozen in time.

Embark on an adventure with tourists from all over the world to discover all the mysteries that this unique destination holds.

Note that only a few agencies are authorized to offer this tour, and at Expotur we are one of them. Read our itinerary here.

The Walled City:

In the Historic Center of Cartagena, you can delight in one of the best-preserved historical wonders in South America.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is where the nobles of the Spanish colony once lived.

Now it’s a place that highlights the country’s unparalleled cultural richness.

From local shops to churches, the city has been adapted to be functional without losing it’s colonial essence.

It’s undoubtedly a must-visit if you’re staying in Cartagena for some time.

Punta Gallinas:

A perfect experience for nature and environment enthusiasts.

Appreciate the magnificent waves and warm golden sand that adorn this area in La Guajira, Colombia.

Additionally, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to witness the unique union between the desert and the sea.

You can enjoy this 4-day experience with us. Click here to read our itinerary.

If you still wonder “Is Colombia safe to visit?”, the answer is that it depends.

It’s undeniable that some areas in the country are entirely dangerous and not recommended to visit for security reasons.

However, there are also places prepared to receive tourists of all kinds safely.

So, don’t let fear prevent you from experiencing incredible adventures in Colombian soil.

We’re waiting for you!

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