Although Santa Marta Bay is currently different from how many locals remind it, it still continues to be one of the main attractions of the City for nationals and foreigners. In this blog we will show you a little the activities you can do to have fun in this beach of Santa Marta, besides enjoying a bath in the sea.

santa marta bay

How to get to Santa Marta Bay?

This beach is located in the 1st avenue of the City. If you are on holiday in Santa Marta and you want to know this beach, you can go walking, by bus or taxi, depending on your place of lodging and your budget.

What to do in Santa Marta Bay?

what to do in santa marta bay

Even though it seems obvious that we go to the beach to bathe, before going many people ask if it is safe, if it is quiet, if they can take their pets, if there are places to eat nearby, among other things. Here we will tell you everything you need to know and what you can do:

Restaurants near Santa Marta Bay

Along the whole first avenue there are many restaurants, of varied prices, with an exquisite offer of typical dishes and, others more common for those who do not want to experience anything different. We recommend that you do not leave without trying a good stew or the typical dish that includes coconut rice and patacon (some kind of plantain chips). If you are a foreigner, you cannot leave without trying Lulo’s juice.

Craft stores in Santa Marta

If you want to take a souvenir to your loved ones, in the first avenue you will find several shops with typical crafts. Even, you will also constantly see vendors walking around and offering their products. Depending on the time of year you go, you can enjoy a craft fair that is located in a sector of Santa Marta Bay.

Marina de Santa Marta, santa marta bay

Marina of Santa Marta

The Marina in the Bay of Santa Marta is a place to take wonderful photos, mainly to the sunsets. In the area that allows free access there is a large propeller of a boat where you can take very fun photos.

Morro de Santa Marta

Although access to it has not been allowed for a long time, from the shore of the Bay of Santa Marta, you can admire the beauty of this, mainly when the sun sets and creates a mixture of colors without equal.

A Walk through the Santa Marta boardwalk

paseo en la bahía de Santa - santa marta bay Marta

The walk along the boardwalk of Santa Marta is one of the activities that you cannot skip. On this walk in front of Santa Marta Bay you will find several sculptures of indigenous people representative of the region. You can take many spectacular photos next to these statues. It is necessary to respect the announcements and not climb them to avoid the deterioration that they already suffer because of the sea.

We hope that this blog will be of help in your holidays in Santa Marta. Remember that in Santa Marta bay you can also take your pet, practice some sport or exercise. Do not forget to deposit your garbage in the available bins.

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