When a tourist visits Santa Marta, he/she should know that he/she cannot leave the city without have gone to “El Parque Tayrona”. Contrary to what many travelers think, it is possible to take a one day tour to Tayrona Park and visit some of the beaches and enjoy the fauna and flora along the way.

In this blog we will tell you about two options of 1 day tours to Tayrona Park that you can do with Expotur.

How to visit Tayrona Park in 1 day?

The first, being in Santa Marta.

Before or during your visit to the city you can book the day tour to Tayrona Park. Due to the COVID-19 situation, at this moment we are only offering departures to Playa Cristal (or Playa del Muerto) and Cabo San Juan del Guía.

After you choose which beach you want to visit first and complete the reservation process, you just have to get ready for the adventure day.


1 Day tour to Cabo San Juan in Tayrona Park

Cabo San Juan Parque Tayrona. Foto tomada de Flickr. one day tour to Tayrona Park

This tour is made for those who enjoy hiking and nature. It is a tour of approximately 3 hours, through the beautiful trails of the Tayrona Park, to finally arrive at Cabo San Juan, a magnificent beach with calm waters.

Find out what is included in the tour and the prices here.


1 Day Tour to Playa Cristal Tayrona Park

playa cristal en el Parque Tayrona Santa Marta. one day tour to Tayrona Park

This tour is ideal for travelers who love to relax on the beach. As its name indicates, the water in this beach is crystal clear, its sand is white and it has beautiful coral reefs perfect for snorkeling.

Find out what is included in the tour and the prices here.

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Recommendations for a One-day tour to Tayrona Park

Pelícano en Playa Cristal Santa Marta. Crystal Beach. one day tour to Tayrona Park

– Bring your identity card.

– Use sunscreen.

 – Wear comfortable clothes and your bathing suit.

– Do not throw garbage in the park.

– Do not remove the fauna or flora of the place.

– Bring your snorkeling equipment.

Remember that it is not only about the beaches. During the trip you will be able to appreciate the fauna and flora of the place. In addition, it is possible to find Kogui Indians inside the park.

If you have been wanting to visit the Tayrona Park for a long time and you haven’t done it yet, come on! In Expotur we help you to have the best adventure.





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