The Marinka waterfalls are located in Minca; a small town located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Colombia. In this blog, we will tell you what you need to know to go to the Marinka waterfalls and make the most of the visit to this tourist destination that has become one of the favorites of those who visit Santa Marta.


How to get to the Marinka waterfalls?

It will depend on your budget, since you can go to the Marinka waterfalls on your own or hire a local tourism agency that offers the tour to Minca (and that includes going to the waterfalls).


Go to Marinka waterfalls on my own

Once in Santa Marta, you must go to the public market of the city, where you will take a bus to Minca. The value of these buses is $ 10,000 per person.

When you have arrived in Minca, you have two options:

Go on Mototaxi

Taking a motorcycle taxi that will take you to Marinka for $ 10,000 or more, depends on the season. You will reach the waterfall in 10 minutes.

Go walking

Walk approximately 40 minutes (time varies depending on the pace you are taking).

This is our recommended option, since you can enjoy more the landscape and appreciate the flora and fauna of this beautiful place.

Remember that to enter this area you must give a contribution of $ 5000 COP per person!

What to eat in Marinka?

There is a restaurant where you can taste delicious meals that are typical of the region.


Can I spend the night in Marinka?

To stay and spend more time in this area, it is best to return to the center of Minca. You will find many cheap and comfortable hostels.


Tips to go to the waterfalls of Marinka

Take repellent.

Comfortable clothes and shoes for the walk.

Swimwear to enjoy the walks.

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