Discotecas en Santa Marta: The Best Places to Spend an Unforgettable Night

When it comes to nightlife and entertainment, the discotecas en Santa Marta have no competition.

After all, there is no better complement to sunny days at the beach than enjoying a pleasant party at night.

That’s why if you’re planning to stay in this beautiful city on the Colombian Caribbean but still don’t know which nightclubs to visit, you need to read this article.

Below, we’ll present the 7 best discotecas en Santa Marta where you share some drinks with your friends

La Santa:

This nightclub is renowned for hosting concerts by artists and DJs of all kinds.

Here, music transforms parties into unforgettable experiences. 

Furthermore, the ambiance adorned with lights evenly distributed throughout the venue makes this place incredibly visually pleasing.

This is a destination you cannot miss on your next visit to Santa Marta.

Brisa Loca:

If you want to have a cultural exchange experience while enjoying your favorite drinks, this nightclub is perfect for you. 

It’s a space divided into two rooms, each set with different music to satisfy anyone’s taste. 

Here, you can enjoy a party where you can dance to various music genres: Trap, Reggaeton, Pop, and much more.

Hotel Miami:

The sixth floor of Hotel Miami is one of the favorite discotecas en Santa Marta for people worldwide due to its strategic location in the Historic Center of the city. 

The house cocktails, such as the Chewing Gum Daiquiri, are another major attraction of the nightclub.

La Azotea:

Few people have left this club without thinking that it is the best of the discotecas en Santa Marta. 

One reason behind this is the affordable prices at which you can enjoy the most delicious cocktails in a spacious and comfortable space. 

Moreover, if you are a foreigner, you can take advantage of this opportunity to explore the characteristic rhythms of Colombian music.


The avant-garde appearance of the venue is what makes this nightclub stand out among many others in the city. 

However, the quality of the cocktails is equally impressive. On the menu, you’ll find the Moscow Mule, a unique fusion of flavors that will inspire you to dance and enjoy with your family and friends in no time.

El Watusi Poderoso:

During the week, it functions as a restaurant-bar offering delicious traditional Mexican food, as well as cocktails and margaritas typical of the country. 

But this changes on the weekends when local DJs ignite the party atmosphere with the best urban music. 

If you want to dance until your feet can’t take it anymore, this is the perfect choice for you.

Las Barbas:

What characterizes this place is that it doesn’t have a roof, meaning you can dance to the rhythm of the music while delighting in the beautiful starry sky of the city. 

This is the place to bring your soulmate for a night of fun together under the stars.

The highest quality service provided by the venue’s staff is another key feature.

These are the best of the best in the realm of discotecas en Santa Marta. Don’t hesitate to visit these destinations on your next trip to this colorful city.

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