San Lorenzo Ridge Birdwatching Tour

Birdwatching tour san lorenzo

Birdwatching tour in San Lorenzo

The San Lorenzo Ridge Birdwatching Tour is one of the best. El Dorado Bird Reserve, in charge of Proaves Foundation, is a civil society natural reserve located on the San Lorenzo hill, in one of the places with the highest concentration of endemic bird species in the entire continent, place favored by the most enthusiastic bird watching from all latitudes.

In El Dorado Bird Reserve, the existence of remaining species in the premontane mist forest is protected, interventions and investigations are carried out for the Colombian birdlife.

We leave from Santa Marta at 6:00 a.m. having an initial tour in a 4 × 4 vehicle of 45 minutes to Minca where we will pause for breakfast.

We continue our trip from Minca to El Dorado Bird Reserve for a journey that can take 2 hours on the way. Once there, we formalize our arrival at the reserve and begin our walk along the paths where we can observe the rich birdlife present in the reserve. After the walk, we will settle in the restaurant to take our lunch and take a short break. We resume our downward journey by making brief stops along the way in order to watch the birds on the road. Finally, we will be arriving in Santa Marta at 6:30 pm.

Traveler Responsibilities

Make sure you are in good health. Give a good use to the garbage, deposit it in the places for it purpose. Take care and respect everything you find. Do not damage natural or cultural assets.


– Wear sunscreen and a cap or hat and bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the San Lorenzo Ridge Birdwatching Tour.

– Wear comfortable clothes for hiking, shoes or boots for mountain trekking.

– The weather in the El Dorado Bird Reserve can change abruptly and the temperature drops to 16 ° C, so we recommend bringing a light or waterproof jacket in case of rain.

– Use insect repellent


To book the El Dorado Bird Watching Tour you must show your identification document (passport, ID or citizenship card) at Expotur offices. It is not necessary to carry the document for the tour, but you must bring at least one copy.


As in all tropical countries, the recommendation is to have the yellow fever vaccine as a preventive measure since there is no risk of yellow fever in the area.

$270.000 COP/PP.

*Colombian pesos (COP). Minimum (3) persons on the tour.


Roundtrip transfers from Santa Marta to the El Dorado Bird Reserve.


The San Lorenzo Ridge Birdwatching Tour includes breakfast, lunch (typical food) and snack.


During the tour we will provide our travelers, binoculars for bird watching during the tour.


The tour includes the service of a local guide resident in the area and knowledgeable of sightings during the tour.

Travel insurance

The price of the Bird Watching Tour in San Lorenzo includes travel insurance in case of an accident or illness that occurred during the tour, includes, transfers to the medical center, medical care and essential medicines.


Admission to the El Dorado Bird Reserve is included in the amount paid.

Payment Methods

– Deposits via PayPal or PayU through payment links on our official websites.

– Cash payments at our offices in Santa Marta, Taganga and Riohacha with our authorized staff.

– We receive credit and debit cards at our offices in Santa Marta and Taganga.

Payment Policy

– A deposit of 15% of the tour cost per person is required in advance to confirm the reservation.

– The entire tour must be paid at least on the same start day before leaving.

Cancellation and right to withdrawal

• Confirmed reservations must be canceled or modified at least one day before in working hours.

• Reservations canceled the same day will have a 20% penalty on the total cost of the tour.


Once the San Lorenzo Ridge Birdwatching Tour starts, no refunds are made.

Before making a deposit, ask about the availability for your departure’s date to [email protected]

If the availability is confirmed, you can proceed to make a deposit through these any payment platforms here, deposits to our Bancolombia account are able only through colombian banks accounts.

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