Gotsezhy Tour 2 Days

tour to the refuge of the Wiwa indigenous community Gotsezhy 2 days expotur

Tour to the indigenous community GOTSEZHY

The GOTSEZHY tour is a trekking to a refuge of the Wiwa indigenous community, located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, adorned with the best preserved landscapes, where you will have the opportunity to explore rivers, if you wish, lose total connection with the outside world, To connect with nature. In addition, there will be activities with indigenous people, allowing us to better understand their worldview, beliefs, but above all the importance of ethnic and cultural diversity.

The indigenous refuge has an access that allows, only 15 minutes of walking, to discover the majestic natural pool of the Matuna waterfall, where you can take a refreshing swim, sunbathe and even observe some typical birds of the region.

For this tour we have daily departures with a minimum of 2 people.

¡Know Gotsezhy, the refuge of the Wiwa indigenous community!

Tour to the indigenous community GOTSEZHY 2 Days


In the Gotsezhy tour 2 days, the adventure begins around 8:00 – 8:30 am when we pick you up in Santa Marta in a 4 × 4 car, in order to get to Guachaca. From there, we met the indigenous guide and began the walking of 3 h 30 min on average, until we reached the indigenous town. From there we walk to the Gotsezhy refuge, crossing some rivers, to rest and have lunch.


In the afternoon we go to the Matuna waterfall, to get there we will take a 15-minute walk, over there  we can enjoy a delicious swim in the natural pool, then return to the shelter for dinner and rest in the accommodations.

If you want to live a folkloric experience with the community through native songs and dances, you can include it in the activities for the night, as long as the community’s musical group has the availability.


Start the day at 7:00 am with a delicious breakfast prepared by cooks of the indigenous community. In case the mamo is in the community you will receive a talk about their customs and traditions, we will also have the opportunity to ask questions about him Culture and thought.

After lunch they will receive art and weaving classes from the indigenous women of the community and once finished we will start the walk back to the entrance of Guachaca where they will be picked up by our 4×4 cars.


What does the two days tour include?

– Transport round trip. (Santa Marta – Entrance path in Guachaca).

– Food: (From lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day) typical Colombian food.

– Room: Accommodation in bed or hammock (according to availability), for one night.

– Spanish-speaking certified guides from the region that provide  the best experience, and indigenous guide that allows a closer interaction with the communities.

– Translators. Depending on availability, please request if required.

– Contribution to indigenous and rural communities.

– Medical assistance insurance.

– Luggage storage service in the office of Santa Marta.

– Activities of crafts and interaction with the mamo (maximum expression of wisdom in the indigenous community).



2 PAX* 3 PAX 4 PAX
722.000* COP P/P 735.000 COP P/P 645.000 COP P/P


590.000 COP P/P 555.000 COP P/P

* The tour to Gotsezhy for 2 pax, is done in private vehicles.
*PAX: In the travel and hotel industry, PAX stands for passengers, for the number of passengers/guests.

– Small backpack.

– 1 water bottle of 1lt – 1.5lt.

– Repellent (We recommend to take a Colombian brand call Nopikex).

– Sunscreen.

– Comfortable sportswear.

– Swimsuit.

– Hiking shoes or boots and sandals.

– Camera.

– Toilet implements (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper).


Respect for indigenous communities

The Gotsezhy refuge is owned by the Wiwa indigenous communities, so it is recommended to respect their beliefs, customs and privacy, in case of photographing them remember to ask the guide for permission, to confirm if it is possible.

Respect for the nature

– Deposit trash in the bins arranged in the camp.

– Take care and respect what you find. Do not damage or mark natural or cultural assets.


The Gotsezhy Tour 2 Days is not recommended at all for women in pregnancy, people with heart respiratory or digestive diseases. If we are not previously informed by travelers with one of these conditions, Expotur will not be responsible in case of any incident.


This is an adventure tour; it requires that you be fit and healthy, that you like to leave the comfort zone, bold enough to handle risky situations in the jungle.


Baggage and personal kit for the tour

– Carry plastic bags to separate wet clothes from dry clothes.

– Carry little weight, additional luggage can be stored in our office. Report valuables inside your luggage in order to avoid misunderstandings.

– Always be aware of your belongings. Expotur is not responsible for lost items.


We recommend to take a Colombian brand call Nopikex.

Phone signal and WiFi

Let your family and friends know that you can only contact them once you return to Santa Marta.

There is no mobile phone signal in the shelter; however, there is Wi-Fi service, which you can access by paying for that additional service.

Travel insurance

Medical insurance is included for any illness or accident contracted during the hike, this includes transport to the clinic, medical attention and non-high cost medicines. If some of these incidents happen to you, it has to be reported to guides and staff at the office (both) before the trip ends otherwise the assistance won´t be covered by the insurance company and Expotur. It is recommended you travel with a trustworthy insurance policy from your country.

Store luggage at the Expotur office in Santa Marta

When storing luggage in our office you must report to the advisor if you will pick it up at the office or if you need your luggage to be sent the last day to the starting point by our vehicles (in cases where travelers need to be left in some point of the way back).

If you change your decision during the tour about picking up your suitcase, we cannot assure you of sending your suitcase due to difficulties with communication, although the guide sends a message, it does not mean 100% that we have received, if this happens, we recommend returning to the office or assuming shipping costs.



We are a local tour operator; that provides significant travel experience in natural areas of the city of Santa Marta and the Colombian Caribbean region. We work with indigenous and rural communities, through sustainable community tourism. Generating employment, while respecting the environment and local cultures. We belong to CORPOTEYUNA (Community and sustainable association).

Logistics of the Tour to Gotsezhy

Expotur provides logistic and guides services; but camps & lodgings, restaurants and mules, are managed by independent rural and indigenous communities and organizations out of Expotur management. Service they offer is not a responsibility of Expotur but we always suggest and demand them to offer satisfactory service to our travelers

Weather Conditions

This is a tropical rainforest, expect to have heavy rains, muddy and slippery paths, humidity and heat; these conditions permit appearance of sandflies and bedbugs at the camps, camps owners do their best to control it but it’s not completely effective since using insecticides are prohibited as camps are closed to the river, therefore, waters could be contaminated. Take vitamins with time in advance, wear long clothes mostly at night time and take good repellent.


When you make the reservation with us, you accept all the conditions, information and recommendations of this web page.

Payment methods

Deposits via Paypal or PayU through the active payment modules linked in our official web-sites.

In cash exclusively in our offices in Santa Marta with our authorized staff.

We accept payments with credit cards as Visa or MasterCard.

Payment policies

The remaining balance must be paid at least in the same date of departure, before leaving.

Cancellation policies – Right to retrace

If the reservation is canceled the same day of the tour or is canceled the previous day during non-working hours [*], only 80% of the net rate will be refunded, after the start of the Excursion there will be no refund of the fare.


[*] Expotur’s working hours are from 8:00 a.m. at 6:00 p.m.


Refunds will take place only when cancellations are made 48 hours or more in advance.

In case of cancellations, the respective deposit will be refunded, discounting the corresponding financial cost.

There will be no compensation for days or services not provided due to force majeure or third party actions.

Before making a deposit, ask about the availability for your departure’s date to [email protected]

If the availability for ‘Gotsezhy tour 2 days’ is confirmed you can proceed to make a deposit through these any payment platforms here, deposits to our Bancolombia account are able only through colombian banks accounts.


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