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Our purpose to ask for your help

Empresa con responsabilidad social en colombia

As many worldwide sectors, COVID 19 has severely affected us stopping all income source.

In the past, regions where our company works were immersed in violence, drug trafficking and poverty, thanks to Colombia social transformation travelers like you started to visit our country more and more providing employment through tourism bringing a hope of change.

Expotur founder was a passionate in social concerns leading training campaigns on the way Countryside and indigenous Communities from these regions become professional experts on different areas such as Guides, Cooks, Mule Porters, Transporters, Translators and Lodging staff to reach friendly and quality tourism practices.

We have had achieved 50% of this goal meanwhile communities were employed receiving remuneration for every traveler who visited these stunning sites. After coronavirus, countries closed their borders to protect public health, but this also created a high risk of hunger to these vulnerable populations.

For the last 2 month communities have been holding on with their savings and some helps that our company along with a number of former travelers have gave them, but it is not enough for 196 families, time has become in our main threat.

Please, help us to keep the hope alive!

On the Lost city trek, Santa Marta Colombia Region:

Guides, Cooks, mule porters, rural lodging staff and transporters: People from rural and indigenous communities that in the past were forced to be in criminal groups working in cocaine factories, growing coca plantations or forced to take guns, many of them with any relative killed by cartels or illegal armed groups.

Translators: Most of them professionals (English teachers, Reporters or photographers) from Venezuela, leaving their country because of the huge social and economic crisis caused by the dictatorship finding here an opportunity not very far from their home.

Punta Gallinas and Cabo de la vela, Alta Guajira Region:

Guide Drivers: People that in the past had to be involved as drivers in smuggling or drugs trafficking because of lack of opportunities and poverty.

Indigenous Lodging staff: Wayuu indigenous people from the desert that were immerged in extreme poverty and before coronavirus were working as hosts thanks to tourism.

With your help we plan to provide to every single family (3 to 5 family members) 280,000 COP (about 72 USD or 66 €) a month in food supplies and first aid kits to mitigate covid19 contagion during 4 month.

As you know tourism will be the last sector to open worldwide and expert’s estimations say when reopens will return very partially.

We plan to collect 72 USD X 196 families X 4 months for a total of 56.448 USD aprox. We will split this amount in 2 different fundraising sites in which will be set at Paypal donations 45000 USD as goal, and 60.000.000 COP at vaki.co

Expotur will managed the funds on this way:

– We will be making food and aid kits purchase every month from 23th of June and distributing in the next maximum 7 days for families.

– We want you to see the food purchase prices bill, we will be showing on our Instagram account expotur_eco, those will be posted every month the story donations botton.

– We will make sure to buy provisions to the best price suppliers.

– We will use our own transportation bus and 4wd cars to save on delivery costs.

Your trust is the most important for us, you can check further about us here:

or enter the following article in THE NEW YORK TIMES

– With 10% Goal we could reach around 78 families for one month.

– With 20% Goal we could reach around 156 families for one month.

– With 30% Goal we could reach around 117 families for two months.

– With 40% Goal we could reach around 156 families for two months.

– With 50% Goal we could reach around all 196 families for two months.

– With 60% Goal we could reach around 156 families for three months.

– With 70% Goal we could reach 182 families for three months.

– With 80% Goal we could reach around 156 families for all fourth months.

– With 90% Goal we could reach around 175 families for all fourth months.

– With 100% Goal we couldn’t be more grateful with all of you!

– For your first and/or unique donation from 3 USD or 9000 COP, we will send you 2 personalized postcards of Lost city and Punta Gallinas landscapes with your name and the word ‘‘Gracias’’.

– At the end of the fundraising campaign, Expotur will offer a giveaway for 2 people to the lost city or Punta Gallinas including roundtrip flight tickets from Bogotá to Santa Marta or Riohacha, Or roundtrip bus tickets from Cartagena or Barranquilla to Santa Marta or Riohacha.

How does it work to participate?

– For every 10 dollars or 35000 COP donation we will send you 1 code, then follow us on Instagram @expotur_eco.

– For every 20 dollars or 70000 COP donation we will send you 3 codes, then follow us on Instagram expotur_eco.

– For every 40 dollars or 140000 COP donation we will send you 7 codes, then follow us on Instagram expotur_eco in addition receive 10% discount in all our tours.

In the last days of fundraising campaign, we will publish on our Instagram account a link in bio with the list of codes where you can check yours then we will be drawing all codes to choose the gratification winner through a live IG transmission. As you get more codes your chances to win will be higher. The winner has to be following our Instagram account.


* If we reach 70% of fundraising Goal we will upgrade to one-way international flight tickets to Colombia for 2 travelers. This in case of international donators.

* If we reach 100% of fundraising Goal we will upgrade to roundtrip international flight tickets to Colombia for 2 travelers. This in case of international donators.

* The travel costs will be completely cover by Expotur and fundraising budget will be completely respected to its purpose.

* This gratitude is only offered when tourism reopens and for low season dates.

* For further info you can contact us to our email info@expotur-eco.com