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Deserts in Colombia

desiertos de colombia

Deserts in Colombia

More and more tourists include deserts in their lists of places to visit in the […]

Parques arqueológicos para visitar en Colombia

Archaeological parks to visit in Colombia

Colombia is a country full of diversity, an incredible place where any traveler, national or […]

Preguntas frecuentes sobre el Parque Tayrona Expotur

7 Frequently asked questions about Tayrona Park

In this blog we will share with you the top 7 frequently asked questions about […]

Dunas de Taroa. Desierto de la Guajira. El lugar perfecto para hacer Sandboarding en Colombia. Taroa Dunes Expotur

Taroa Dunes in the Guajira Desert

The Taroa Dunes are a majestic place located in the largest desert of Colombia. Its […]

Ciudad Perdida qué debo saber sobre este destino expotur

Lost City: what should I know about this destination?

The Lost City is also known as Teyuna or Buritaca-200. This archaeological site was built […]

Consejos para ahorrar agua expotur

Tips to save water

Today marks the world water day. The objective of celebrating this date is to recognize […]

Tour de un día al Parque Tayrona expotur

One day tour to Tayrona Park

When a tourist visits Santa Marta, he/she should know that he/she cannot leave the city […]

Di no al huevo de Iguana. Expotur colombia

Say no to the iguana egg!

Saying NO to the iguana egg goes beyond not buying or consuming them; when we […]